The PLCforum is a leading international Association that represents the interests of manufacturers, energy utilities and other organisations (Universities, other PLC Associations, consultants, etc.) active in the field of access and in-home PLC (power line communications) technologies.

The PLCforum was created at the start of 2000 through the merger of 2 existing Associations (to access the Association’s Statutes, please click here).


Beyond networking and information exchange between members, the Association's main objectives are the following:

Regulatory issues
Lobby directly and support members’ lobbying activities so that a satisfactory regulatory framework for PLC can exist.
Share visions, problems and solutions within the Forum, push coexistence and interoperability/ standardisation so that technology is not a market-limiting factor.
Business Case
  Support members in the creation of appropriate commercial and financial models.
Contribute to a wide awareness of PLC potential through involvement in major events, information dissemination, press activities, etc.


The activities of the PLCforum Association are developped under the responsibility of a Board, whose members are elected for one year during one of the Association's General Assemblies.

Members are called upon to meet every 3 months, in a one to two-day quarterly event.

During General Assemblies, all members are informed of and consulted on the current status and future focuses of the Association's work. They are asked to vote on the admission of new members, the nomination of new Board members and WG leaders, management issues, etc.

A "Secretariat" is in charge of running the Association, on behalf of its members, and is the main contact point to get in touch with the PLCforum.

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